• During their birthday month, your child will be able to choose from a Selection of great books the library has pre-purchased.  That book will be dedicated to your child with a special book plate and they will be honored at that months assembly as well as have their photo taken with the book they choose, which will be displayed in the library!  Your child will the be the first to check out the new book!  What a fun way to help out school library and celebrate your child at the same time!  It will give your child a sense of ownership in our library as well!

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    • Find a list of likes and dislikes to help you find the perfect gift for Christmas, teacher appreciation, etc!

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    • Upcoming events



      March Meeting

      Our next meeting will be Monday, March 6th at 8pm Burlington library



      Fun Night

      March 25th, 2017



      April Meeting

      Our next meeting will be Monday, April 3rd at 8pm Burlington library



      May Meeting

      Our next meeting will be Monday, May 1st at 8pm Burlington library

    • Box Tops!


      Don't forget to collect those Box Tops and turn them in to the Elementary School!